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Al Borg For General Services

29 Rd .9, Off Rd.45, El asafra kebly, Alexandria

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Pioneers in exterminating crawling, flying insects and rodents using the best control methods and specialized engineers. General cleaning and disinfection services for tourist, public, commercial and industrial facilities, using the latest scientific methods, with no foul odors or toxic substances. We also provide periodic drinking water purification tank services for residential units.

Business Description

- Specializing in pest control through our various branches in Egypt, for:
- Tourism establishments (hotels, resorts, restaurants and cruise ships)
- Public facilities: villas, embassies, parks, clubs, hospitals, administrative headquarters, residential building and banks
- Commercial establishments: malls, store chains and cafes
- Industrial establishments: factories, oil companies and sites and various warehouses
- Services:
- Pest and rodent control and pesticide spraying
- Cleaning and sterilizing companies, factories and malls
- Cleaning and disinfecting swimming pools and insulation tanks
- Cleaning company and factory glass façades
- Cleaning and disinfecting residential drinking water tanks
- Exterminating all types of insects and rodents in restaurants, cafes, tourist and commercial facilities
- Periodic extermination of rodents in factories, companies, farms and warehouses
- Exterminating all types of pests in poultry, bird and rabbit sheds, horse stables and guard dog sheds
- Fumigating agricultural crops in silos, ships and warehouses & Cleaning air ducts
- Clients include, but are not limited to:
- Shahd El-Maleka Food Industries
- SAIB Bank
- Abdel Wahab BBQ Village
- Al-Senussi Palace BBQ
- Egyptian Dutch Plastics
- Al-Tawfik Financial Leasing
- Ahadaf Development and Tourism Establishments (Corcovado North Coast)
- Egyptian Lebanese Bakery (Al Sanabel Al Thahabia)
- China Empire
- Ramag Event Hall
- Della Vega San Stefano restaurant
- Kavle restaurant
- Lucci restaurant
- Panote restaurant
- Abo rawiya restaurant
- Gormel Food Company
- Al-Mizan Foodstuff Supply Co.
- Mawasem Food Supply Company
- Shabakah & Sinara Restaurant
- Santa Lucia restaurants
- Greek Naval Club
- Abdel Wahab Company for the export of agricultural crops
- Saint Peter Candy & Chocolate Manufacturing Company
- Dokkan Samak restaurants
- Shahd Al Sham restaurants
- Damascus Oasis restaurants
- Al Gharbia Palace for Butchery & BBQ
- San View San Stefano Restaurant

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