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Engineering Co. For Metal Forming

Km 26, Plot 50,52 Cairo Alex Desert Rd., Industrial Zone, Abou rawash, Giza


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Leaders in the metal formation field. Specializing in corrugated pipes, tins & steel sheets. The company works at its maximum power to meet the market needs. Customer satisfaction is the company’s number one priority. Meeting market needs according to business partner requirements & to maintain the continuity, survival of the company. Employing a research, development strategy to provide the latest products, meet customer needs & adapt to the business climate.

Business Description

The Engineering Company for Metal Formation is based on quality and continuous improvement. It holds a certificate of standardization in 2011. In addition, the company is committed to complying with occupational and health safety and environmental regulations by obtaining the Civil Defense and Occupational Health certificate in 2011. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements as well both internally and externally. An internal audit plan is developed by a team of employees across the company to ensure that quality standards are adhered to at all times. As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, the company pursues total quality management projects, so innovative ideas are always rewarded and developed for the benefit of the company and customer service.
Quality control :
A very effective quality inspection process is conducted for the system and the incoming raw materials are inspected for compliance with certificates of analysis from the origin and the inspection process for the final product is carried out by a team of qualified personnel to comply with international standards: EN10111, EN10130, EN10131, EN10051, EN10025, EN10142, EN10143, EN10169. Chemical and mechanical tests are conducted in the laboratories to ensure the availability of evaluation in terms of tests as required and the calibration of quality measuring devices in the facilities. Therefore, we carefully choose the best suppliers (we do not accept defective products - we do not produce defective products - we do not deliver defective products).
Objectives :
The company always hopes to obtain full customer satisfaction. The company has enlisted a product development and engineering quality team outside the boundaries of international standards and developed a guide for customers with quality checks that go to specific details and needs of each customer, and thus the company always maintains that it has more than what customers

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