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Sleep Well - Modern Co. For Spring & Foam Mattresses

Plot 196, Extension Of 6th Industrial Zone, 6th of october, Giza Beside El Marakby Steel Factory



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Leading Egyptian company in the production of zipped and sponge mattresses of all thicknesses, memory foam and latex. We are keen to offer our products using best materials according to international quality standards with best prices to gain customer satisfaction. We are keen to offer complete guarantee for all our products with after-sale services. Special discount for yellow pages customers.

Business Description

- The finest materials are used in the manufacture of mattresses.
- We manufacture all kinds of medical and spring mattresses of all kinds, connected and separate (bucket).
- We have all kinds of fiber, sponge, latex and memory foam pillows.
- The sponge used in the mattresses is manufactured by our factory.
- Which provides high quality mattress and appropriate cost.
- And that allows us and our customers to compete in the market at the right price and high quality.
- We deal with major fabric manufacturers and buy the latest models and drawings in huge quantities, allowing us to obtain competitive prices for the fabric that are reflected in the cost of the mattress and put it on the market at reasonable prices and high quality.
- We have a production line that contains the latest machines in the field of mattress manufacturing to ensure efficiency and accuracy in implementation.
- We have lineups of skilled and trained workers at the highest level in the processing and finishing of the mattress from A to Z.
- We provide our customers with a 10-year warranty on our products.
- Our customers enjoy after-sales service up to replacement in case of manufacturing defects.
- Our products enjoy sophistication and high taste in choosing the appropriate colors and graphics for the type of mattress.
- We are always looking for everything new in the field to offer it to our customers in the right way and at the right cost.
- We make all Arabic seating of pure sponge with all their heights and drawings selected by the customers.
- By automatic straightening and forming sponge machine.
- We have a highly skilled team in taking measurements, detailing, finishing and final delivery of Arabic seating.
- We have all kinds of industrial sponge in all its densities and colors, compressed sponge and memory foam.

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