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Gazelle Envelope Manufacturers

Plot 1/18, 4th Industrial Zone, 6th of october, Giza In Front Of BMW Factory



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Business Description

- Gazelle Envelopes’ production started in 2001 with humble beginnings. However, with our firm belief in customer relations and our brand equity pillars, in a small period of time,
Gazelle established as one of the biggest envelope manufacturers in the MENA region. We produce a wide range of wallet, diagonal, and pocket-size envelopes, both Peel-&-Seal and gummed. Auto mailer envelopes are our specialty. Today the Gazelle Brand is one of the leading Brands in North Africa.
- Unlike regular envelopes that are produced from recycled paper, Gazelle Envelopes have a smooth finish and glossy appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. Because of their smooth surface they are the No. 1 choice for printers. This is because they absorb less ink
and do not leave any residue on printing equipment. We have an extensive range featuring unique paper quality, folding and sizes. We also offer customized envelopes with the design of your choice.
- After thorough study & research in the paper sector, we specialized in the envelope market, where the Gazelle brand was born marking a new platform of ‘Speechless Communication’ for
Egyptians in 2001.

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