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Al Fagr For Air Condition

61 Abdel Salam Aref St., El mansoura, El dakahleya Beside El Mansoura Stadium


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The company was established in 2006. Specialists in the field of air conditioning, cooling and central air conditioning.Maintenance of all types of air conditioning.Specialized service center.Authorized Distributor (LG - Carrier).We are ready to meet all home maintenance services within 24 hours.

Business Description

- A leading company in the field of air conditioning in Egypt
Air conditioning products and services:
- Our services and products include a wide range of clients from residential use of homes and villas with all types of air conditioning and its capabilities as needed to commercial and central to serve companies, bodies, factories, malls, hospitals and other large facilities.
- The work team also provides after-sales services such as follow-up, maintenance and the provision of necessary spare parts at the hands of specialized technicians.
Home air conditioning systems:
- We provide home air conditioning system solutions to suit your residential needs for various spaces including window air conditioning, split air conditioning, portable air conditioning, concealed air conditioning and central air conditioning, allowing you to control the internal environment of your home such as heating, cooling, humidity and ventilation.
Commercial air conditioning systems:
- We provide commercial air conditioning system solutions from chillers, VRF systems, DX systems, central air conditioning. Our products are designed to provide comfort as well as maintain your business profits.
Our commercial solutions provide year-round convenience in various types of commercial activities.
- Maintenance of all air conditioners, installation and transfer of air conditioners from one place to another and Freon charging ..
- The maintenance process is carried out inside the house, and in some maintenance operations it is necessary to move it outside the house to perform maintenance on it. We offer you a group of professional technicians, to maintain all types of air conditioners.

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