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Al Forsan For Manufacture Paper Packages

El Gameaya El Zeraeya St., Leaba, Bashtil, Giza, Giza


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The company has the honor to provide you with sacks and paper bags service that shops and international companies need. It is one of the best ways to promote about your products and it is compatible with all automated and manual packing systems. We have 10 years of experience and a team of well trained technicians, their main goal customer satisfaction.

Business Description

- Al Forsan for paper packages and packing and packaging materials is one of the best companies in the field of packing and packaging in Egypt.
- All kinds of paper packages and bags with all imported and Egyptian raw materials, different sizes and types with high printing quality. We supply multi-layer packages made of imported kraft two and three layers for packing and packaging for all products that need paper packages. We supply paper bags and packages of all kinds from the finest imported kraft products (white, brown) of high density and low density of regular and detailed, plain and printed paper packages with the highest printing quality. We supply multi-layered, plain and printed paper packages of all sizes throughout the Republic.
Paper packages and bags:
- Paper packages and bags of different shapes and sizes are among the most important products that all shops and international companies with distinctive brands need. Paper packages are one of the best ways to advertise your activity or company by designing your company name, shop or logo printed on any type of paper packages, depending on your specialty and the type of job you work in.
- All paper packages and bags that are compatible with all automatic and manual packing systems.
- These printed paper packages will impress the customer for their durability. They can use them for their different needs due to the characteristics of the paper packages and bags.
- To meet the special needs of our customers, Al Forsan offers a wide range of printed paper packages and bags, taking into account the different and special needs of customers.
- Multi-layer paper packages, whether with or without a plastic bag, designed with adhesive system or by side valve, are used for packing cement, fertilizer, chemicals, flavor additives, sugar, mineral salts, fodder, herbs, coal and other products.

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