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Plot 136, Industrial Zone A5,, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Behind Green Land Complex, Next To Nile Valley Pharmaceutical Co.

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A leading company in the manufacture of automatic slaughterhouse equipment for poultry and calves and animal solid waste recycling stations batch cooker and its inclusions). It is the first company specialized in manufacturing rotary slaughtering boxes, laser metalworking, plasma, bender, scissors, precision lathe, industrial sewage treatment units, conveyor belts for production lines & stainless steel tanks

Business Description

- Our company was founded in 2005 and is considered a pioneer in the operation business.
- Laser and sheet forming and lathing works.
- Product quality is the core of our development and the company has a strict control over products from raw materials to finished products as per Global standards.
- In order to achieve rapid development, improve quality and service awareness for our company employees.
- The company adhere to its spirit (technology and quality for survival)
And work philosophy (viewing service as an obligation and achieving development from credibility).
- Given the challenges of the labor market and the rapid development of technology, in the year 2015 we manufactured many poultry slaughterhouses out of country support for domestic industries.
- Our company is distinguished as a pioneer in manufacturing animal waste recycling equipment in Egypt and the Middle East because of its many benefits for preserving the environment and investing in the field of feed to achieve the maximum benefit from each slaughtered animal waste.
- Our design team is highly trained and caters to all customer technical support requirements.

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