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MRB Facility Management Consultant

, Floor 2, New cairo, Cairo Office 239 - Top 90 Mall


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One of the leading companies in the field of consulting for the management of facilities and real estate assets in general, and the management of commercial malls in particular, of various types and sizes. It operates in a unique and integrated style and a real estate developer's guide from the beginning of the project idea to the stages of management and operation.

Business Description

- About company:
- One of the leading companies in the field of facility management consultancy in general and mall management in particular. It is a multidisciplinary company that is needed by any project, and with its extensive experience gained from the largest schools in the field, it was able to manage various types of commercial centers (commercial, medical, administrative and entertainment) whatever the size of the complexities in it, as it is working on setting comprehensive and general policies that will continue in the management and operation of the mall, starting with the operational management, maintenance, security and housekeeping.
- Missions:
- The company is working on setting the general policy for the mall to which all departments are linked and includes leasing and marketing activities and focuses on the current tenants. The presence of the management company from the beginning with the developer in the decision-making process in the design and construction stages in a manner that suits the operational needs, so it is an integral part of the design, engineering, construction and operation processes performed in coordination and control, thus providing facilities on the basis of turnkey delivery that helps the developer in a continuous process of providing services and supporting main business, where improvements are constantly required to help the developer build a mall that is technically sound and operational.
- Developments:
- It is working on issuing its own administrative and operational program that coordinates the work between the building and individuals, whether developer or investor, and services. It works on the harmony of overlapping services, so the developer can know all the developments of his project and refer to all files and access them, and the investor can save time and review his unit with all its demands, as well as pay all costs and work all permits and complaints.

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