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Baza Engineering Industries

, Industrial Zone B3 - Tabarak Industrial Complex, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Entrance No. 1


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Baza Company for Engineering Industries specializes in manufacturing production lines for the food industry, such as vegetables and half-fried potatoes. We also specialize in the field of food packaging, starting from the design and implementation of the equipment with accuracy and high quality using the latest control techniques under the direct supervision of engineers and specialists in various industry fields.

Business Description

- For the sixth year, our permanent experience has expanded in all that is new in the field of packaging and production lines all over the world. We offer the simplest and easiest solutions with the latest technology and the highest quality. We share with our customers all engineering and technical capabilities, ideas and new solutions. We produce and present a distinct product in terms of idea, shape and cost. The company relies essentially on the experience and competence of our employees and the depth of their affiliation and loyalty to it, as we have qualified elements of engineers and technicians with experience and efficiency. Maintenance services at the highest level of efficiency in the fastest time through the largest stock of spare parts for all lines, machines and present goods. The company is one of the leading companies in the following fields:
- Manufacture of all production lines such as: 
1- olives - vegetables - potatoes - dates - ice cream.
2- Manufacture of machines for packing legumes and powdered flour - automatic liquids.
3- Manufacture of all tanks and fluid stirrers in all sizes.
4- Manufacture of chocolate and gum lines and pumps for lifting chocolate and honey.
5- Manufacture of pasteurization tunnels - Manufacture of shrink machines - Manufacture of cooling tunnels - Manufacture of dryers

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