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120 Unit 48 Ring Rd., One Kattameya Compound, El katameya, Cairo



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An importing, trading and storage company for petrochemicals used in fields such as printing & inks, packaging, paints, coating, adhesives, oil field services, detergents, personal care, pharmaceuticals, textiles and plastics. Our is terminal located in Adabiya. We also have a fleet of road tankers prepared for all kinds of petrochemicals

Business Description

- Our mission is to provide & constantly develop distinctive, high-quality industrial products and service to our customers.
- Our customer’s requirement is the bottom line when it comes to the product’s rating success and that’s why we are only supplying high-quality chemicals that are used as intermediate products in a multitude of industries, and ensure highest quality of the end-products.
- To be a leading reliable partner of a choice.
- Reliable: Market responsive, innovative, quality driven, best-in-class-management & financial performance.
- Partner of a choice the choice of all partners customers, suppliers and business associates.
- Pan AuSai is the favorable choice:
1- Since our company was established, we have consistently been keeping up with the global market trend and meeting the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market.
2- Our efforts have spurred remarkable progress and won us a significant standing amongst the industry leaders in chemical business.
3- Our principals include several of the global reputable producers, for marketing and distribution of their products.
4- Through our partnerships with those reliable producers we created a divers highly integrated product portfolio which enabled us our leading position in the local marketplace and yet we are constantly working to optimize our key position in all our segments.
5- One of our key initiatives includes providing top quality materials at the most competitive prices together with speedy and efficient service.
6- As a result, our customers continue to support our business.
7- Remaining customer oriented is the key to our success.
8- Our growth in the local market is dedicated to our willingness and ability to identify the changing needs of our customers.
9- We continue to evolve and make sustainable improvements both as an organization and to our product portfolio to meet the need and to improve our customer value.

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