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Delta Misr For Plastic - Delpack S.A.E.

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Delta Misr For Plastic is a manufacturer and supplier of blow & injection molded containers. The company owns and operates two plants in Egypt, which provide containers for a variety of consumer goods & industrial products including edible oil, drinking water, carbonated soft drinks, chemicals & solutions containers & honey jars.

Business Description

Who we are?
Delta Misr Plastic Factory, Trade and Distribution - Delpak SAE is located in Gharbia on an area of 25,000 square meters. Equipped with the best production lines and capabilities including injection and blowing machines to produce PET, PE and PP plastic packaging and covers. The company does not recycle its products and instead produces pure and healthy products with high purity materials and the highest international quality specifications 
Our goals:
Maintaining and constantly striving to achieve the highest product quality, continuous development and research on the latest developments to meet market and customer needs
Our vision:
Pioneers in manufacturing plastic packages, especially molded containers. We support a variety of consumer goods and industrial products known for their outstanding quality and high purity raw materials. We believe in outstanding work through innovative manufacturing techniques and provide the best products using the finest materials, best quality, and competitive prices for our customers. We strive to make our products the preferred choice for our customers through high quality and superior designs
Our strategy:
Following scientific standards for quality, improvement and continuous development of the work environment, production lines and human development including trained workforce, as well as product diversity to provide a healthy and safe product in a quality worthy of the company’s name. Over 20 years of experience has earned the trust of many of our customers who represent the largest companies operating in consumer markets

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