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22 Makram Ebaid St., 6th Zone, Nasr city, Cairo
Our priority is satisfying our customers, providing the best service and relaxation he deserves. More than 10 years of experience in massage of all kinds (therapeutic - classical - aroma – sports - hot stone - Thai - and others). Sauna - jacuzzi - steam - Moroccan bath - cupping. An integrated gym with the latest equipment and at a high level.

Business Description

- We receive cases wishing to do massages of all kinds and treat athletic injuries in all our branches at prices that suit everyone with other distinguished services such as sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, Moroccan bath and beauty center service.
- A gym has also been opened at an accredited and professional level
- Sauna services:
Therapeutic massage:
Therapeutic massage relieves back, shoulders and joints pain. It also activates blood circulation, eliminates insomnia and improves internal body functions by applying pressure on certain areas
Classic massage:
From the toes to the end of the head, which results in activation for the body. It is a massage for blood circulation and treatment of sore areas using oils and creams intended for the treatment of (legs - knees - back - neck) areas.
Aroma massage:
The aromatherapy massager aims to calm the nerves by using hot oils.
Unti-stress massage:
It focuses on treating the legs and back by applying pressure to the sore in the body using specialized oils for muscle recovery.
Sport massage:
This type of massage is specialized for athletes, as it works on body stretches and building muscles.
Unti-cellulite massage:
It is a specialized massage for the hips and abdomen areas, which protects against the appearance of cellulite and is done by using slimming creams + 10 minutes in the sauna.
Hot stone massage:
It helps the body to get rid of accumulated toxins and promotes a sense of vitality and renewable energy within the body
Where it is used to stimulate blood circulation in the area of the pain, so it relieves and removes the pain.
Thai massage:
Thai massage is applied to the hands, shoulders, neck and sides of the body. It helps in relaxation as it increases the flow of energy and flexibility and thus stimulates the internal organs.

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