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Plot 589, Extension Of 3rd Industrial Zone, 6th of october, Giza In Front Of Nissan Motor Egypt

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Importing all types of stainless sheets, coils, accessories, fittings, pipes, rods, valves, manholes and decorative accessories. Supplying all stainless materials for all application including steam applications. Supplying stainless tanks, conveyers, stairs, workshop tables, production lines for food, beverages, milk and pharmaceutical industries. Laser cutting machines are available and ready for any quantities of stainless up to 16mm, steel up to 25mm and aluminum up to 10mm.

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- Steel Force was established in 2013 and is one of the largest companies that provide services in the field of stainless steel. Steel Force provides many services, starting with the import of all types of stainless steel materials from plates of all sizes, thicknesses and types 304, 316, 430 and 201 glossy, frosted, matte, coated and imported from Europe and all types and sizes of accessories, decorative fittings, all types and sizes of pipes, poles, squares, boxes, wicker, valves, manholes and handrails. It also offers the best, finest and fastest manufacturing solutions at competitive prices by manufacturing tanks of all types and sizes, factory equipment such as belts, cable trays, doors, tables, ladders and any products made of stainless steel. Steel Force provides laser operation with the latest laser cutting technology and the most accurate sizes.
- Steel Force owns a raw material warehouse and a factory in the 6th of October City. During its experience in the past nine years since 2013, Steel Force has enjoyed a good reputation for its competitive prices and high quality. Steel Force has dealt with major industrial companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, metal and chemical industries, beverages, dairy factories and contracting companies, including BERICAP EGYPT, SCITRA EGYPT, ORIGIN SYSTEMS, INSHA, CAIRO FOAM, AMERICAN METAL, CANADIAN ARABIAN, TECHNOSTEEL, AKZONOBEL, ALANDALUS MEDICAL, ADVANCED ENGINEERING, and many other big companies.

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