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Al Badr Paper Products - Hawaii

Masged El Wafaa St., Om zeghyo, Alexandria Behind El Hay Garage

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Because we understand the importance of tissues in daily life and health, we cared, researched and chose us the finest 100% pure cellulose tissues. Our tissues are offered in a variety of packages, in amazing designs. Your comfort is important to us, so we made it easy to open our highly absorbent tissue packages, sterilized according to international standards.

Business Description

- We are one of the modern factories in the field of manufacturing paper products, despite our relative modernity, but we were able to prove ourselves, so we gathered in our factories the latest machines and advanced equipment and the most skilled manpower and provided many high-quality products that have proven their worth in the local market in Alexandria and were able to compete with the major product companies.
- In the light of the acceleration of international changes and competition between different sectors, it has become of importance for companies to move towards implementing a system to achieve quality that guarantees us continuity in keeping pace with these changes and that is what qualified us to obtain scientific quality certificates (ISO 9001 - 2008).We export our products to most countries of the world.
- We have the finest types of napkins made of 100% pure cellulose and in easy-to-open packages sterilized according to international standards and with unparalleled absorption power.
- Al-Badr Factories for Paper Products (Hawaii) produces all kinds:
Tissue paper: (tissue boxes of various sizes - kitchen tissue rolls - toilet rolls - easy pack packages- economic tissue packages - coaster paper cups - 550 - 750 napkin jumbo packages - printed table tissues - pocket tissues).

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