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First Air For Contracting

Slow Rd., Industrial Zone, Qalyub, Kaliobeya

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One of leading metal sheet manufacturers in the local market. Our factory manufactures HVAC ducts, duct accessories and air outlets using high quality raw materials. Supplying and installing all central AC & ventilation components.

Business Description

- We aim to provide high quality products, manufacture efficient designs with new and energy-saving technologies, and provide solutions for healthy and comfortable ventilation in all types of buildings. We offer a selection of shipping plans to meet your needs while providing competitive rates.
- First Air's machinery offers high-quality, precise manufacturing components that contribute to faster processing of the final product with a wide range of materials made of galvanized iron, black steel, covered with aluminum and stainless steel. Our technologically advanced facilities allow First Air to maintain its position as a reliable, efficient and cost-effective partner for large and small projects.
- First also trains qualified and dedicated personnel at all levels of production and installation.

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