Al-Akhal for Loading and Unloading, Transportation and Marine Works

51 Al Tamawy Alico Alico Towers Kabw El Malah, Floor 6, El gomrok, Alexandria In Front Of Gate 10


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Founded more than 25 years ago, a leading company specialized in loading, unloading, transportation and marine works. The company obtained a number of certificates that qualified it to be one of the largest companies in this field. The ISO certificate was obtained for quality, safety and occupational health. The company owns a developed transport fleet covering all parts of the republic.

Business Description

- Services:
- We have modern equipment to complete the operations of loading, unloading and transportation easily and conveniently, and the necessary expertise from technicians for special unloading cases that require weights, measures and highly qualified technicians.
- Loading and unloading of goods inside and outside the customs office.
- Marine contracting
- Import and export
- Heavy equipment rental
- Transportation by car to all governorates of the Republic
- Integrated business contracting
- Marine supplies
- Rubble supplies and contracting
- Petroleum services
- Marine agencies
- Shipping salt on the largest scale, rating up to 14,000 tons per day.
- Contracts with the Holding Company for Land Transport for the Arab Company for Loading and Unloading Alexandria Shipyard
- Adhering to the regulations and laws of the Port Authority and following quality methods in our work.
- Our company has participated in the following projects:
- Strengthening the sea wall in Montazah, which is entrusted to El Bialy Company from the Military Production Company.
- Beach towers in the new city of Alamein with the Arab Contractors.
- K21 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
- Protecting and developing the area in front of the Qaitbay Citadel with Harounco for Construction and Development.
- Constructing a berth 3/85 in the port of Alexandria with ElNasr for Buildings and Constructions.
- Protecting the area west of Ras El-Bar,  Lesan area (strengthening and rehabilitating breakwaters 6-7-8) with Archimarine Contracting.
- Breakwater maintenance of the Egyptian Company for the Operation of Natural Gas Liquefaction Projects (ELNG), Padco, Beheira Governorate, with Archimarine Contracting.
- Constructing a berth 500 in East AlTafreah with the Modern Structures and Equipment.
- A scaffolding construction in front of Al Mamurah rest house in Alexandria by Darak Bahri with the Engineers Company
- United for Construction.
- Damietta Port, a service berth of 90 meters, with San Mark Shipping Agency.
- Replacing one of the beavers at berth 91/A to the IROM project with the Middle East Oil Tankage and Pipelines.

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