Cairo International Airport limousine

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- We offer you all limousine services at Cairo International Airport, accompanied by all amenities and safety, and also at an attractive price. Alexandria Limousine Company is honoured to provide all limousine services, going and receiving to and from all governorates and all airports of the Republic, limousine service for businessmen, and contracts for shipping, pharmaceutical, and petroleum companies, conference organizing companies, and major hospitals for transporting employees and managers.

- Cairo International Airport is one of the largest and most important airports on Egyptian soil.
- There are four main services that fall under the term Cairo Airport Limousine Services from Alexandria Limousine and Trips Company.
- We at Alexandria Limousine Company are honoured to provide all Cairo International Airport limousine services with the best quality and most appropriate pricing policy.
- Cairo Airport limousine services at Alexandria Limousine Company are:
- Transporting expatriates to their places of residence, along with their bags and all belongings.
- Transporting passengers from their homes to the airport with bags
- Transporting airport workers, both male and female, to their homes periodically according to work hours
- Receiving expatriates, businessmen or bags and transporting them to a pre-specified address
- We recommend booking directly by calling directly on the company’s number during official working hours or sending a detailed message with questions and inquiries, indicating the available contact times and the number on WhatsApp, or by sending the message via the official email, and the specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

- Dealing with the Alexandria Limousine Company is simple and easy and has many advantages, including:

- The ability to serve various governorates of Egypt and deliver you from the airport to the door or from the door to the airport
- We have a complete fleet of air-conditioned and comfortable cars suitable for transporting individuals with the ability to carry a variety of large bags
- We can provide individual cars that carry one, two, and up to five people, and we can also provide group transportation cars for up to twenty-five people to move to or from the airport.
A team of respected, professional drivers who are trained and committed to all safety and security procedures and are capable of dealing with various obstacles on the road.
There is a very fair pricing policy in the Alexandria limousine with the Cairo Airport limousine service, which makes it accessible to everyone.