Limousine Services Covering Conferences & Businessmen

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- Business limousine service is one of the services of Alexandria Limousine Company
- In providing integrated services to businessmen in all governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt, we aim to take care of individual and group movement and transportation.
- Limousine service for businessmen, employees and companies is one of the rare and distinguished services that you will not find anyone providing professionally, except for a very small number of limousine companies within the Arab Republic of Egypt, such as Alexandria Limousine.
- Alexandria Limousine is one of the rare companies capable of providing the best limousine service for businessmen within all governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
- We are fully prepared for all transportation and movement services for employees, engineers and managers within the governorate or in the case of conferences, visits and unforeseen emergency work.
Alexandria Limousine Company is distinguished as the best and fastest company in providing business services in the entire Arab Republic of Egypt because:
- Outside of official working hours, there is more than one way to communicate via WhatsApp or official email.
- Alexandria Limousine Company has a giant fleet of luxury and modern cars that are suitable for serving businessmen.
- We have a very clear and fair pricing and contracting policy to provide all business services.
- We work to provide technical support with the business limousine service and the open hotline service directly with the movement, employment and transportation official.
- We have the ability to handle movement and transportation affairs for international and local festivals, seminars, exhibitions and global conferences.
We are one of the rare companies that provide limousine services for businessmen and specialize in this field of limousine services.
We are unique in that we are the only company that has a clear, fair and unambiguous pricing policy. This pricing is characterized by flexibility in payment methods, and the price of the business limousine service is determined based on several factors, including:
- The travelled distance
- Type of car required
- Number of service times per month
- The number of people in the vehicle required to be transported and the nature of the tasks required
- Waiting time
- The quality and size of the bags, if any
- Services required from the driver in the business limousine service