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Arabic Co. For Trading & Manufacturing - Jacon

42/61 El Edara El Taalimeya St, Gesr El Suez Ext. Omar Ibn El Khattab Division, Gesr el suez, Cairo In Front Of El Dakhlya Club



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Designing and implementing turnkey production lines, manufacturing sieves and grinders. Designing and manufacturing water, oil, chemical and cement tanks and silos, fixed trusses and all metal constructions. We own the only automatic factory producing high quality sieves, mills and gearboxes of all kinds. Welding rubber conveyor belts at the customer site throughout Egypt.

Business Description

A leading company in manufacturing requirements for quarries, factories, ports and metal constructions for more than thirty years. Jacon has turned into an Egyptian joint stock company in the year 2000.  We own a complete factory with all modern equipment in Abu Zaabal Industrial Zone in Greater Cairo.
- Designing and manufacturing all crushing, screening and raw materials handling units, starting from the first stage and ending with the stacking belts.
- Manufacturing screening units for all materials (gravel, glass sand, feldspar, quartz, manganese) and screening units equipped with a washing unit of all sizes at the production rates.
- Designing, manufacturing and installing all types of production lines and conveyor belts for raw materials, whether fixed, mobile, telescopic or articulated, used in loading and unloading operations in factories or ports. 
- Designing, manufacturing and installing all types of trusses.
- Manufacturing fuel, chemicals and water tanks and silos.
- Manufacturing all metal constructions, spare parts required for factories, quarry supplies, crushers, vibrators and conveyor belts. 
- We have mobile units for hot and cold welding of rubber conveyor belts at customer sites, cladding of steel rolls with rubber and lining tanks and silos with chemical resistant rubber.
- Importing and trading high quality conveyor belts from European Union countries.
- Distributing European heavy-duty speed reducers as an authorized distributor, vibrating motors and equipment operating motors.
- Distributing supplies for hot and cold welding belts metal clips.
- Distributing all types of ball bearings, drums and transmission cables.
- We have an after-sales service to follow up and maintain our equipment. The engineering department is ready to study and design any new projects or expansions requested by customers, as well as studying production problems in factories, offering solutions and implementing them according to the latest international systems.

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