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Cairo Foundation For Petroleum Services

9, El Qobba El Gadida Bldgs., Entrance 1, Flat 1, Hadayek el kobba, Cairo Beside El Qobba El Gadida Occasions House


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Working in the field of petroleum services & general contracting including mechanic & electromechanical works, engineering inspection on static equipment in petroleum companies, designing, supplying & installing fire alarm & firefighting systems, earthing & cathodic protection, thermal insulation & packaging for warehouses, hot & cold pipelines & hot tapping.

Business Description

- One of the leading entities in the field of petroleum services since its establishment in 2008. Work in this field requires sufficient knowledge and experience, which is available in the Cairo Petroleum Services Corporation.
- Cathodic protection:
- A method of protecting ferrous metal structures and pipes from corrosion due to the exposure of its surfaces to soil or water. Iron surfaces of metal structures, pipes, and iron equipment generally corrode when their surfaces touch soil or water as a result of chemical reactions accompanied by the flow of electrons.
- Design, supply and installation of automatic extinguishing and firefighting systems:
- Systems designed to extinguish fire in a facility or building in an automatic way, and there are several types, such as: fixed automatic water extinguishing systems, fixed automatic extinguishing systems working on carbon dioxide CO2, fixed automatic extinguishing systems working on clean gases, which are of several types, including: helium and nitrogen.
- Design, supply and implementation of fire alarm systems. The fire alarm unit consists of a source of electrical current and another source of backup current in order to ensure its work in the event of a power outage due to fire. The unit also includes a control panel that contains an audio and visual alarm circuit and a statement board for locations, manual alarm switches and fire detectors of all kinds.
- The field of thermal insulation and cladding works for pipelines and static equipment. You can insulate your pipes and static equipment to reduce heat loss.
- The field of opening in oil and gas pipelines, a method for making connection to pipes or pressure vessels without cutting or emptying this part of the tube or vessel, meaning that the tube or tank can continue to operate during maintenance or adjustments made to it.

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