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Cairo organization for Trading & Engineering was established in 1972. Our main activity is the harmonic and power quality analysis in the network , measuring tools, vehicle spare parts, traction motors etc. and marketing different engineering equipment. Our four main departments: Electrical Tools & Instruments, Transportation, Vehicle Spare parts & Valves and Valves' spare parts.

Business Description

- We are proud of our major partnership in every department where we provide our client services. We go the extra mile to ensure proper marketing and sales channels to promote their products and business in the Egyptian market through our long-term wide base of customers that we have accumulated through the last 36 years.
- Our main customers are the Utility and petrochemical, gas and petroleum sectors where we have strong contacts with a multitude of satisfied customers, that’s in addition to other sectors where we have a very strong presence. In the end, we only aim for the satisfaction of our customers by tending to their inquiries and supplying them with the latest technology products that would be up to their standards, Technical support and after-sales services.
Departments we deal in:
- All measuring, testing and calibration devices for electricity and various fields.
- Industrial safety devices (insulating mats and electrically insulated gloves).
- Energy efficiency monitoring, management, analysis and recording devices.
- Use the best electrical measuring instruments to make electrical measurements for any industrial facility to study and analyze any problems in the network.
- Devices for measuring, controlling, testing and calibrating electrical variables.
- Measuring devices (Avometer, noise intensity, illuminance, clamp meter)
- Meters, panel-mounted measuring devices, current and low-voltage transformers.
- Presses with and without chucks, hydraulic and mechanical shears for cables and overhead lines.
- Insulation test devices (megger ground, micro ohm meter)
- Blow-off and valves of various types for high pressure.
- Maintenance tasks of overhead lines and cables.
- Laboratory and scientific devices.
- Fiberglass, aluminum ladders, and scaffolding.
- Voltage indicators, safety belts, ordinary and insulating ropes.
- The Main office is located in a veritably distinguished place in Cairo, in the center of downtown. The main exertion of the company has been the participation in tenders held by different public( governmental) associations and authorities in Egypt. The company gained veritably great experience in dealing with the governmental routine.

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