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CBM Shipping is one of the leading companies in shipping logistics services (air, sea and land), customs clearance (export - import) and transit services for all Arab countries, most importantly Sudan, and consultancy for import and export operations to and from all countries of the world.We made the world in your hands.

Business Description

- We excel in logistic services, all transportation and shipping services "sea freight, air freight and land freight" and customs clearance (import and export), and transit services to all Arab countries (Sudan - Emirates - Kuwait - Jordan - Iraq - Saudi Arabia - Libya) from and to all countries of the world.
- We also provide all customs solutions and consultations because we have a team working at the highest level in the local and international market.
- As well as the accuracy and respect for deadlines and commitment by following up the opinions of our customers and offering competitive prices. We also provide all consultations to achieve the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.
- Our vision is to take care of your goods.
- And also consolidating the concept of logistics and supply chain services by providing high value services, by connecting clients, service providers, and internal resources enabling successful business relationships.
- Our value comes from focusing on respect, responsiveness, energy at work, excellence, and simplicity all at once.
- Our policy is not only to provide logistics solutions to our customers, but to provide the concept of these solutions and putting ourselves in the place of customers. We are keen to build reliable relationships with our customers, to be partners.
- Our role is to maintain high value transactions with our sources and service providers to support us in providing unique services.
- We excel in the field of shipping, transit services for Arab countries and all logistics services.
- So we are ready to receive your goods anytime, anywhere.
- We have a team of experts ready to deal with all your inquiries regarding import and export.
- CBM Shipping, the world is in your hands.

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