9 Ismaeil Serhank, Loran, Alexandria

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City Hospital is committed to providing distinguished medical services under the supervision of professors and consultants of the Faculty of Medicine, an intensive care unit for all ages, a surgical suite with a capsule system, a 24-hour emergency and ambulance department, outpatient clinics in all specialties, hotel accommodations, ICSI and delayed childbearing dept., Urology and Andrology Unit, Laparoscopic surgeries of all specialties, Radiology, laboratory and pharmacy dept.

Business Description

- City Hospital Services:
- Emergency department:
- The emergency department at City Hospital provides an ambulance service for the injured and patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The department provides all the following specialties with a distinguished group of resident doctors throughout the day
Emergency doctor / surgeon / orthopedist / gynecologist / pediatrician / intensive care doctor / pediatrician.
- Outpatient Department:
- In all of the following specialties:
Internal medicine clinics / orthopedic clinics / urology clinics / obstetrics and gynecology clinics / general surgery clinics / ear and nose clinics / nutrition clinics / dermatology clinics /pediatric clinics / neurology clinics / psychiatric and neurological clinics / chest disease clinics / vascular clinics / pediatric surgery clinics / cardiothoracic surgery clinics / dental clinics / cardiology clinics and the intensive care unit.
- City Hospital provides the highest levels of medical care for patients in different - specialties, 24 hours a day.
The unit is equipped with the latest equipment and respirators.
- Pediatric Intensive Care Department:
- Equipped for children from 1 to 16 years of age with the latest devices and respirators to provide the highest levels of medical care for patients.
- Integrated nursery Department:
- Equipped with the latest equipment to receive patients.
- Operations Department:
- It is equipped to receive all operations in all surgical specialties, endoscopy, and a C-ERM device
The operations department includes 6 operating rooms integrated with capsule system
- Microinjection Department
- Lab and Radiation 24 hours
- 24 hour pharmacy.

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Yasser Fathi

مستشفى متميزة وخاصة في عمليات المناظير ودكاترة المناظير عندهم كفاءة عالية

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