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Egyptian European For Chemical Industries - Silicate & Sulphonic

Plot 83, 4th Industrial Zone, Sadat city, El monofeya


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More than 20 years of experience. Specialized in manufacturing and producing sodium silicate material and its distribution in various parts of the world. We deal with medium and large companies around the world in various sectors. We offer silicate material in two different ways, solid sodium silicate and liquid sodium silicate. We are honored to meet you anytime and anywhere.

Business Description

Egyptian European Company for Chemical Industries
We have silicate material in its liquid and solid form.
We are in constant contact with customers to reach the best results and continuous development with the latest production mechanisms and the preservation of the surrounding environment, and this is the most important goal of the company, which is to preserve the environment and the processes of handling industrial results.
We provide silicate material in its liquid and solid state to many customers and sectors such as the industrial detergents sector, the ceramic sector and others.
About Sodium Silicate:
Sodium silicate has been successfully used as a chemical filler for many years. It is especially used during drilling of highly permeable formations. When an aqueous mixture of sodium silicate and an activating agent, such as an ester, is injected into the ground, the silicate solution reacts to form a colloid that polymerizes further to form a gel. The gel provides increased strength, stiffness and reduced permeability in predominantly granular soils.
Commercial Detergents:
Sodium silicate is a building agent used in many commercial cleaners. The purpose of the sodium silicate is to prevent mineral deposits on surfaces after washing by removing the hardness of the water.
Sodium Silicate:
They are glassy or crystalline solids or colorless white powders. With the exception of the most silicon-rich species, it is easily soluble in water, and produces alkaline solutions.
Liquid Sodium Silicate:
It produces a wide range of sodium and lithium silicate in liquid form. You can also contact us for custom blends. We work with you to understand your expectations of the product, and then continue to develop silicate that works seamlessly within your application

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