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Manufacturing and supplying copper bars with the latest production technology methods, in accordance with international standards. We manufacture Air line feeder connections - nipple - lacour - bushing - bush - expansion joints), all necessary hydraulic and air pistons feeders, and all sanitary ware feeders of copper insert from half an inch to 2 inches. We provide all factory users sanitary ware

Business Description

El Aksa Company for Copper Bars Trading is a leading company in the manufacture and supply of copper bars in Egypt.
Our factory products:
- v High quality copper nipples and all sizes are available from half inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch for installation work, connections and plumbing work.
Product Features:
-Made of 100% copper.
-Weight as per size.
-Egyptian manufacturing.
-v Lacour assembled with a copper pin made according to the specifications of copper CW617N, characterized by ease of disassembly and installation
-Female lacour 3/4 inch
-Male lacour 1 inch
-Male lacour 3/4 inch
-Female lacour 1 inch 
-v Half inch nickel PG bushing made of pure copper to withstand the maximum pressure and connection degrees.
-Available in sizes (1cm - 1.5cm-2cm-2.5cm-3cm-4cm-5cm)
-v Bush 3/8 x 1/2 copper nickel three-eighths by one-half inch
-Made of pure copper and free of impurities.
-Long pin for stronger and more durable gear
-An elegant and attractive appearance to blend in with the overall look.
-Thick material to withstand the strongest degrees of pressure and connection.
-Plated with a layer of matt nickel chrome.
-Withstands the highest temperatures.
-v Manufacturing copper inserts from half an inch to 2 inches
-v Manufacture of all copper expansion joints and all necessary hydraulic and air piston feeders
-And all the sanitary ware feeders are copper
-We provide all used sanitary ware factories in which copper is used.

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