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El Asher For Steel & Wood Works

Plot 116, Southern Industrial Zone - 6 Million Zone, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya


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A company specializing in the manufacture of pallets, boxes, wood spools, manufacture and maintenance of cranes and hydraulic forklift (according to the required specifications) and providing the best price offers and the best quality + thermal fumigation inside our factories for the need for export operations with an accredited letter from the plant quarantine.

Business Description

- Our goals:
- Achieving the difficult equation for our customers by providing and supplying the highest quality of our manufactured products at the best prices in the Egyptian market, while adhering to the terms of all contracts and delivery dates in a professional manner.
- Providing all the products that our customers need, and this is what drives us every year to increase investment in manufacturing, which contributed to covering the needs of our customers on the one hand and increasing the volume, investments and stores of the company on the other hand.
- Our vision:
- For El Asher Company to become the largest company in the Egyptian market in the field of wood and iron industries for factories by 2024, and this is not just dreams far from reality, but based on the increase in the company’s investments, stores and customer base in the past few years