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El Helal & Golden Star For Industry & Trade Egypt

10 Gamal Abdel Nasser St., Omar Ibn El Khattab Division, El Herafeyin, El salam city, Cairo


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Helal Group is a family owned business developed by Salem Helal when he was 20 years old. Inspired by his father’s small workshop that produced sorghum brooms in 1945, Salem began investing in machinery to create a brush-making factory in 1981. El Helal & Golden Star For Industry & Trade - Egypt in 2005 become a big brand in this field of detergents, plastic household products, cartons, and cookware.

Business Description

- Salem Helal - a man of industry and commerce - began his journey in investment at the age of 20, developing what his father had started, the founder of the first mechanized factory for the manufacture and production of hygiene tools. In 1985, El Helal and Golden Star factory and El Helal and Silver Star factories were established - and its distinguished management and superior ability to invest and compete had the largest share ever to become the first industrialist in the field of hygiene tools and household appliances from plastic in Egypt and the Middle East. In 1998 trademarks in the name of El Helal and Golden Star, El Helal and Silver Star were established for several categories to protect his industry, which was distinguished by quality and good taste.
- A long time ago, Salem Helal’s global fame increased, and in 1994 the National Factory for Cleaning Tools was opened in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then El Helal and Golden Star factories in the Emirates, then El Helal and Golden Star factories in Yemen, then El Helal and Golden Star in Ethiopia, and finally El Helal and Golden Star in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2014. Those countries were impressed by the Egyptian manufacturer.
- Salem Helal, with the participation of his three children, "Ahmed - Youmna - Youssef", worked to develop administrative and production systems and methods, following his own unique approach, and all his products were distinguished by quality, reliability, and materials that were safe for health and the environment. "El Helal and the Silver Star” is exporting its products to more than 27 countries in the world and developed its companies until it reached 18 factories at the level of Egypt, Africa and the Gulf. El Helal and the star is the pride of the Egyptian industry.

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