El Hoor Pack For Carton Industry

, 3rd Industrial Zone, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya


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We are a group of investors from Upper Egypt. We decided to establish an industrial entity in the field of paper industries. Our goal is to be one of the largest entities in Egypt in the field of paper industries, and to provide a role model from Upper Egypt to all parts of the world. Relying on our values and morals, bearing in mind (honesty - mastering - commitment)

Business Description

- We are Bidaya factories for the manufacture and distribution of corrugated carton and paper worldwide. We use the latest technology in manufacturing and distribution, and we also establish long-term business relationships with our customers.
- The company is ISO certified in various fields which enabled us to manage work with high quality and efficiency in the field of corrugated carton manufacturing and in the field of paper, supported by ten years of experience in these fields.
- We have great experience in manufacturing corrugated cartons in various sizes and quantities for all sectors, and our goal is to always be at the top.
- Our team forms strong partnerships with customers through a deep understanding of the customer's needs and requirements, and by finding the best solutions at the right prices, which leads to the manufacture and delivery of high quality products as quickly as possible.
- We also market various types of paper used in the manufacture of corrugated carton, as we are representative many paper manufacturing factories, and we can provide more than three thousand tons per month for the local market and for export, as we can provide the needs for each of the testliners and flutes in various grams and widths.
- Our import and export team uses the latest knowledge in the fields of shipping in order to make sure that the shipment will arrive in a good condition and in the fastest time.

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