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35, Group 112, Al rehab city, Cairo

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El Mahdy Group specializes in hanging awnings, mobile roofs, and cabriolet tents. Distinguished by the automatic moving covers for swimming pools, such as automatic hydraulic floors - Smart cover 2×1 foldable and sliding - Revolving car floors - Fixed and mobile screens - Underground garages - Umbrellas for the Prophet’s Mosque and Al Hussein - Rain House - Automatic gates.

Business Description

- Al-Mahdi Company is one of the largest specialized companies in the Middle East in the field of swimming pool covers and movable floors, and it has another branch called Saudi Safe Move Company.
Our products include
1- Umbrellas and Tents:
- Hanging and quadrilateral garden umbrellas.
- Pool umbrellas.
- Car umbrellas.
- Cabriole umbrella.
- Fan-shaped tent.
- Butterfly umbrella.
- Rainhouse.
2- Automatic Swimming Pool Covers:
- Deep deck swimming pool covers.
- Folding deck swimming pool covers.
- Smart cover 2x1 for swimming pools.
- Tractor cover for swimming pools.
3- Movable Floors:
- Rotating car floor.
- Underground garage with entrance.
- Hydraulic movable floor.
- Movable floor for controlling pool depth.
4- Fixed and Movable Walls and Fences:
- Fixed and movable side fences (automatic).
- Fixed and smart walls (movable) (automatic).
5- Movable Roofs:
- Smart external cover roofs (movable) (automatic).
- Remote-controlled movable roofs.
Our Mission:
- To provide safety for your family with advanced swimming pool covers that combine shade and security.
Our Vision:
- To offer a high-quality product that ensures the safety of your children, preserves pool water from contamination, and provides additional space in your home. Covering the pool with a canopy for privacy.
Features of the movable swimming pool floor:
- Control the pool depth to protect children from drowning.
- The ability to completely close the pool to provide a large space that can be used as a seating area, playground, or parking space.
- Preserve water from dirt.
- Does not require frequent maintenance.
- Save the cost of changing water by keeping it free from pollutants such as dust, leaves, and insects.
- The system is built with special specifications and standards that enable it to work underwater for long periods, up to a decade, without any significant health or damage issues.
- The system is treated with safe materials that do not release chemicals that may affect human health.
- The system is electrically safe as it is a mechanical-hydraulic product that operates based on pressure, without any wires, electric motors, or sensors inside the water.
- It can also integrate a fountain and lighting for the movable floor, transforming the pool into a fountain after closing, adding beauty to the area. 
Warranty for three years.

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