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An Egyptian company specializing in electrical and general supplies. We supply and sell all electrical parts accessories in the field of contracting, installations, internal and external lighting, finishing, electrical power and control for modern factories and their equipment, manufacturing power and control panels, and site services nationwide for factories and individuals with the finest materials at the best prices and after-sales service.

Business Description

- Our mission is to always be a reliable partner as a specialized supplier of electrical components, automation control services and software. The company manages integrated solutions for homes, buildings, infrastructure and factories, committed to providing exceptional services with reliable after-sales support.
- We inspire a future where our innovative electrical solutions radiate positive developments in the electrical field and support advances in automation.
Specialization in electrical and general supplies
- We specialize in providing a wide range of electrical components and general supplies. This specialization indicates the depth of knowledge and experience in this field, which allows us to meet the different needs of the company’s customers.
Integrated services
- We provide services in the field of contracting, interior and exterior lighting, installations and finishes, as well as in the field of electrical power and control for modern factories. In addition, we manufacture power and control panels and site services, taking a comprehensive approach to meet diverse customer requirements.
High quality materials at competitive prices
- We emphasize providing the best products at the best prices, and this indicates a commitment to providing high-quality products while maintaining competitiveness in the market, ensuring that our customers have an exceptional experience in dealing with us.
- We highlight many years of experience in the market and contribute to enhancing our expertise and competence, instilling confidence in customers that they are working with an experienced and knowledgeable supplier.
After-sales service
- Commitment to after-sales services ensures that our relationship with customers extends beyond the first cooperation. This reliability and support contribute to long-term customer satisfaction.
Innovation and focus on the future
- We affirm our commitment to a continuous forward-looking approach, which positions our company as a driving force in the future developments of the electrical industry.

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