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Plot 89, Industrial Zone South West A6 El Roubaiky, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Behind Ceramica Cleopatra

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We are the leading company in the field of electric motor winding. Winding of all types of electrical generators of all types and capacities.Winding all electrical transformers, winding deep pumps of all kinds, as well as submersible pumps, winding all cooling pistons (chillers), winding servo motors, designing and making all medium and low voltage panels.

Business Description

- El Watania Company is a leading company in the field of motor winding, established in 1997.
- El Watania Company provides its services in the field of winding and rehabilitation of electric motors and transformers of all kinds and capacities at a high quality level.
- We guarantee our customers the highest level of skill and outstanding performance, which we seek through the continuous development of this field through the trained and experienced team to achieve the highest performance and reach leadership in this field. Our role is not limited to rewinding and rehabilitation, but extends to include knowing the causes of coil damage and engine failure to ensure that our customers reach the highest production rate and continuous operation to ensure that our customers reach the highest rate of production and continuous operation through our services in the following areas:
- AC motors.
- DC motors.
- Generators.
- Cooling Chillers.
- Submersible and deep pumps.
- Servo motors.
- Medium Voltage Motors.
- Electrical transformers.
We are also distinguished by:
- We guarantee the engines for six months against defects
- Engines delivery service to and from the factory
- Delivery within 24 hours

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