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A company specialized in engineering industries, industrial control systems, design and implementation of CNC numerical control machines of various types and capacities (plasma machines, fiber laser machines, CNC router machines and CO2 laser machines). We offer free training for all our devices, guarantee against manufacturing defects, and provide spare parts as soon as possible. Choosing us depends on our product quality and after-sales service.

Business Description

- Faam Engineering Industries and Smart Solutions for Digital Control Technology was established in 2015.
- We always strive to achieve and provide the best engineering solutions at the lowest cost to be the first in the field of digital control industries.
- The company is making a lot of effort and spending a lot of money for research and development in the field of manufacturing CNC laser machines and cutting metals of all kinds (plasma machines, engraving machines for metals and nonmetals, and laser cutting in all sizes and different capacities). It provides training to operate the machine under the supervision of engineers and experts specialized in the field of metal forming, with a long warranty period and after-sales maintenance.
- We offer a real guarantee against manufacturing defects and provide spare parts.
- We offer free online training.
Our product:
- Plasma Machine
- Starting from size 300 * 150 and size 400 * 200 and size 200 * 600 with different cutting capacities starting from 0.5 mm to 35 mm iron and stainless with the best original components
- CNC plasma is one of the means used in cutting iron and steel. The machines that work with the plasma mechanism have many advantages and properties as they work on very large areas.
- It performs the rapid cutting process, meaning that it cuts large and thick pieces of iron in a very short time
Fiber Laser Machine
- They are used in many industries, especially in which iron is used, where these machines are used to cut iron or engrave it, such as engraving on various metal surfaces like gold, silver, iron, aluminum, wood and precious stones
CNC Router Machine
-They symbolize computer control, through which a number of materials such as wood, acrylic, plastic, decorations, molds, high-density materials, and metal sheets are cut instead of human control.

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