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Land Mark Bldg.14th May Bridge Rd., Semouha, Alexandria Beside Hanimex For Furniture


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Leaders in HPL/HDF, artificial grass, wooden doors, flooring and décor. Over the past 10 years, we have implemented hundreds of successful projects across Egypt through our trained technical teams. We guarantee our customers speed, accuracy and excellence and up to 20 years guarantee. Agents of over 36 world-class companies specialized in the field of floor covering for all residential and commercial purposes.

Business Description

- Flooring Home offers many shapes and types of HDF flooring at the best prices in the market. The company specializes in importing and supplying these floors to many customers.
- It offers many services to the customers who deal with it. One of the most important of these services is the flooring installation service.
- The company provides the largest number of the best technicians who provide all services to the clients, saving them a lot of time and effort.
- It sends the website of the customer who wants to buy the floors to the technician specialized in installation, after that the technician takes all the measurements, and knows the required quantities also through the visit.
- The price of flooring is suitable for many people, depending on the required quantity of flooring. The company always maintains the comfort of the customer, and provides him with many shapes, types and services as well.
- HDF flooring can be called by another name, which is HDF parquet, and this type of flooring is one of the best types that can be used in all types of homes.
- HDF flooring has many advantages, the most important of which is that it is resistant to sunlight that damages wood and to the accumulation of stains or traces on it.
- One of its most important features is that it is one of the floors that resists all the scratches that can be exposed to it, as many people want to keep their floors clean and free from scratches, traces and annoying spots.
We supply the following:
- HDF Flooring.
- HPL Flooring.
- Locally manufactured doors.
- Imported doors.
- Artificial grass.
- Vinyl flooring.
- Raised floors.
- Wooden wall cladding.
- Parquet Flooring. 

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