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An Egyptian joint stock company that manufactures all kinds of glue (water-based glue, solvents and hot glue), provides after-sales services and creates the necessary technical solutions for our clients in the field of glue in many industries such as cigarette, cardboard, paper, wood and food industries. Trade in chemicals, glue, cardboard and paper through the commercial arm of the company in Dubai (Global Chemicals Trading Company Dubai).

Business Description

- More than 8 years of experience in the manufacture of glue of all kinds. 
- The factory produces different types of glue that fit with the nature of each industry or according to customer requests, which can fall under the manufacture of cardboard, paper, cigarettes, foodstuffs, wood, in accordance with the needs of each customer. 
- It serves most industrial sectors.
Available types of glue: 
- Water-based glue. 
- Hot glue.
- Solvent based glue.
-The company provides manufactured products to the industrial sector ((business to business)).
-As for the business that is carried out through the group’s commercial arm ((Global Chemicals Trading Company)), importing and exporting glue of all kinds, paper, cardboard and plastic containers ((barrels - jerry cans - other packaging))
-For use in the industrial sector
-As well as chairs and tables for both the tourism and hotel sector
-Trading chemicals of all kinds (caustic soda - acids - polymers - preservatives - calcium carbonate).
-Exports gypsum, as well as trade related to industrial waste, such as wood, plastics, and machinery
-Distinguished by providing after-sales services for the materials that it manufactures and providing technical assistance related to its industrial field
-The company follows all quality procedures and methods
-Holds the ISO certificates in that sector ISO 9001/2015.
-Global Chemicals factory is not limited to internal distribution only, but has also exported to many countries:
-((Sudan, Libya, Benin, Niger, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania ....)).
Previous work:
-Eastern Company for Tobacco.
-Egy pack.
-Gemma for Ceramic.
-Cleopatra Ceramics.
-Venice Ceramics.
-Al-Alamia for Corrugated Boxes.
-Fine Pack for Corrugated Boxes.
-Best Cheese (President Cheese).
-Al-Noor Dairy (Teama Cheese).
-United Oil Company.
-Unipack Nile.
-El-Warda Tobacco Company.
-Al-Saidy Tobacco Company.
-Al-Ofooq Ceramic Company (Granito Ceramics).

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