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Gold Stone For Construction & Development GSC

3 Abou Dawoud El Zahery St., Off Makram Ebaid St., Nasr city, Cairo In Front Of Child Park - Beside Africa Pharmacy

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A leading Egyptian joint stock company in architectural and urban design, finishes, decorations, implementation and supervision of implementation, including: architectural designs, urban planning (planning cities, compounds and tourist villages), coordinating sites and green spaces, electromechanical designs, interior designs and decorations (apartments, villas, companies, . ...), the implementation and supervision of the implementation and finishing of all types of facilities.

Business Description

- The launch of Gold Stone For Construction & Development GSC in 1999 was driven by innovative engineering visions and creative ideas, and to provide its architectural engineering services and integrated construction and consulting solutions with modern engineering concepts, in addition to conducting inspections and preliminary studies for projects with high professionalism, thanks to the presence of an integrated team of architects, structural engineers and electromechanical engineers to design and implement all types of buildings and facilities with high professionalism and an inspiring aesthetic touch.
- Gold Stone is characterized by its unique and distinguished designs with high and refined taste, transforming the design into reality as imagined by the client, with a commitment to deliver the project according to the specifications and on time, while overcoming any challenges to reach the best and most economical solutions that meet all the requirements of the client.
- Our goal:
- Providing the highest level of services and professional engineering consultancy for clients with their various requirements, in which all factors of beauty and durability are achieved, which are designed and built according to the limits of their budget and desires.
- We work on constructing and finishing all types of facilities and buildings, including:
- Residential buildings: such as apartments and villas.
- Commercial buildings: such as banks and corporate headquarters.
- Medical centers: hospitals and clinics
- Tourist and recreational buildings

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