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Goudco Group of Companies

Plot 5, 6, Block 12014, Rd. 118, 1St Industrial Zone, Northern Extension, Obour city, Kaliobeya


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Pioneers in producing, filling and distributing industrial and medical gases since 1980. We design and manufacture all types of high pressure gases cylinders valves according to international standards, producing all types of industrial gases valve, filling pumps for industrial gasses, producing low and high pressure evaporators, producing and filling acetylene and carbon dioxide. Supplying and maintaining industrial and medical gas networks.

Business Description

- Producing, filling and distributing industrial and medical gases since 1980. Designing, manufacturing and producing all types of valves for high pressure gases cylinders.
- Liquid gases: A unit for the production of oxygen (liquid and gas) with a purity of 99.98%, nitrogen (liquid and gas) with a purity of 0.5 ppm and argon (liquid and gas) with a purity of 1.5 ppm
- Gaseous gases: A unit for the production of acetylene with a degree of purity of 99%, filling and supplying hydrogen, carbon dioxide and mixed with a high degree of purity. We supply imported gases, helium, methane, sulfur dioxide, propane, butane, etc.
- Copper castings and artifacts: Many high quality copper castings are hammered according to the sample and required specifications. All copper artifacts are designed and manufactured by cutting machines, automatic and semi-automatic machines.
- Valves: Designing and manufacturing valves for compressed gas cylinders: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, acetylene, hydrogen, helium, chlorine, ammonia, etc.
- Gas cylinders: Supplying all types of cylinders (Chinese, Italian and German).
- Cylinder assemblies: Designing and implementing cylinder assemblies (bundle) containing 20 cylinders. We design OFFSHORE cylinder assemblies.
- Storage tanks: Supplying industrial and medical gas tanks (oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide), providing all possible and appropriate solutions to the nature of the work of each company or hospital (final sale or monthly rent).
- Gas transport vehicles: A fleet of vehicles for transporting all liquid gases, with different capacities up to 30,000 liters. Vehicles for transporting gas cylinders.
- Gas supply networks: Designing, supplying, installing and maintaining industrial and medical gas networks in accordance with international standards.
- Air evaporators: Designing and manufacturing air evaporators to convert gases from gaseous to liquid state (oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide).
- Tanks and networks maintenance: Maintaining tanks, providing spare parts, and maintaining the gas supply network.
- Production units: Supplying PSA gas generating units (oxygen and nitrogen).

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