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Green Gold For Agricultural Projects Import and export all kinds, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, pesticides and modern farming systems. Specialized in plant nutrition and disease Protection in Organic & Global G.A.P Systems which compatible with the requirements of the Agriculture Export Council and the Egyptian Food Safety Authority.

Business Description

Green Gold for Agricultural Projects is an Egyptian company professional in plant nutrition and protection. It trading fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, pesticides and especially formulations for plant physio-nutrition and new organic phytosanitary products designed to protect for landscape, agriculture, and aquaculture.
For over 15 years now, the company has been researching and developing innovative liquid and powdered fertilizer lines, standard and NPK, single and complex meso and microelements, humic and fulvic extracts, organic fertilizers and plant growth regulators.
Since 2005, these formulations have been produced and developed using the latest technology and standards for major international expertise in the field of vehicle evaluation and integrated and innovative solutions complying with the European Union standards in extracting plant proteins, natural enzymes and low molecular weight carboxylic acids characterized by a specific and non-ionic structure.
High purity can be absorbed by the plant without any restriction and high degree of chelation, vitamins, nutrients, marine algae, amino acids, natural growth regulators, auxin, cytokines and indoles.
Variations of these components are used to formulate over 50 different products. Green Gold operates both in Egypt and abroad with a team of specialized agronomists who work alongside dealers and distributors to implement technical guidelines, those depending on soil and weather conditions in the area.
Green Gold provides training and updating on different crop nutrition aspects and on the correct use of products; it organizes specific meetings and refresher courses for technicians, distributors and farmers.
Cooperation and dialogue with customers is based on mutual trust and represents a challenge for our innovation and for upgrading our company.
Our philosophy is to help and offer advice, but also to listen and share for growing healthier food with less toxic chemicals & save money for farmers.

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