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Producing & manufacturing all types of greenhouses including air-conditioned, plastic & gardening greenhouses, poultry farms & hot galvanized 2.5 mm steel pipes. Greenhouses are characterized by its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Greenhouse covers made of fiber & bicarbonate. Competitive prices. There are also various kinds of agricultural seedlings including fruit, citrus & ornamental plants in addition to construction and coverings of fish farms.

Business Description

• Founded in 2008 to become a leader in producing and manufacturing all types of greenhouses, air-conditioned greenhouses, poultry farms and all sizes of 2.5mm galvanized and preheated pipes.
• Capabilities:
- The company owns a special department that creates and covers fish farms, in addition to all integrated agricultural contracts for the landscape.
- The engineering company expanded and opened another company for seedlings, citrus and fruits to become a leading producer of all types of fruit and citrus seedlings and ornamental plants such as orange, mandarin, peach, mango, grapes, plum, apple, apricot and pomegranate seedlings.
- The engineering company also implements hydropolics, in addition to hydroponics and aquaculture.
• Advantages:
- Our products are characterized by resistance to intense air currents, these include greenhouse coverage, fiber and bicarbonate.  All products are characterized by high quality offered at competitive prices. Commitment to punctuality with all customers inside and outside Egypt.
• Products:
- We have produced a huge number of products including greenhouses, citrus seedlings and fruits, fish and poultry farm covers, hydropolics and aquaculture cultivation and landscaping.
• Previous work:
- The company dealt with various clients inside Egypt, including, but not limited to the Ministry of Agriculture and Reclamation, FAO, Concorde El Salam Hotel, Sharm El-Sheikh. In addition to hundreds of corporate and individual clients.
• Export:
- Manufacturing and supplying greenhouses, citrus and fruit seedlings and all agricultural requirements in all African countries, most notably Sudan and Somalia. We also welcome working in any other country’s market.
- For sales, please contact Eng. Salama Hamdy on 01275800430

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