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28 D Magdi Salma St., Floor 4, Laselky, New Maadi, Maadi, Cairo
Interplus is an Egyptian company aiming to provide the Egyptian market with the start-of-the-art technology in the transportation and industry fields. Established in March, 2001 Interplus maintained its main objectives and succeeded in gaining a considerable market share and to obtain a solid customer base. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

Business Description

Our Main Services. 
- Railway Sector.
- Supplying Generators.
- Interplus succeeded in supplying 70 power coach with co-operation with SEMAF (Arab organizational industry) in 2019.
- Now Interplus stars supplying 40 power coaches with 80 generators by the same mentioned suppliers, this project will be executed by the end of 2020.
- By the end 2023 all the fleet of power coaches in Egyptian national railway will be supplied by interplus.
Spare Parts: 
- Since supplying generators in 2012, Interplus had supplied the spare parts of the said generators for the purpose of related maintenance and overhauling.
- Interplus also uses spare parts for overhauling and maintenance works as it is the company responsible for providing this service.
- Interplus has started overhauling since 2009 for the engines MTU396-8V of the generators existing in this time in Egyptian National Railways and it has been overhauled 200 engines.
- Since 2014 Interplus has overhauled 180 engines Man D2842LE211-12Vfor the supplied generators to ENR.
- Currently ENR has contracted with interplus to overhaul the engine D2842LE211-12V for 200 generators in the next 2 years at rate of 6 engines /month and it may become 8 engines/ month.
New overhauling workshop:
- Interplus has established new workshop for the purpose of execution the requested monthly overhauling engines (6-8 engines / month).
- The workshop has been established in accordance with the German standard level and under supervision of IMS Company. 
- The workshop has equipped with the updated equipment and tools to execute the overhauling in the best techniques which ensure the quality and efficiency of the engine according to the manufacturer’s company catalogue.. 
- Interplus has gained experience and high efficiency in the field of overhauling generators in Egyptian National Railways since 2009.
- Marine Equipment
- Diesel marine engines inboard and in/out board
- Diesel marine generator/alternator sets
- Diesel engines spare parts
- Repower Engine

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