, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Unit No.1 - Model C - Beside 10th Of Ramadan Central,C2 Industrial Zone


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Sole agent of Honsberg, Germany supplying the finest German bandsaw blades in all sizes and types. Providing technical advice and solutions for cutting all metal types and sizes. We guarantee the saw for maximum efficiency throughout its life. Supplying products in the shortest period, and the best prices to meet industrial needs.

Business Description

- Iron Corporation is the sole agent of Honsberg - Germany which supplies the finest German-made bandsaw weapons in all sizes and types. Distinguished by providing advice and technical solutions for cutting all types and sizes of metals. The saw weapon guarantee reaches the maximum cutting period. We supply our products in the shortest supplying period at the best price to meet the needs of the industry.
- One of the leading companies in the field of supplying and welding tape saw weapons for all types of metals. The sole agent in the Middle East and Africa for the German company Honsberg with its three branches: Emirates branch, Saudi branch, and Egypt branch, which was established in 2016 to meet the needs of the Egyptian market from the high quality saw weapons at the best prices and in the shortest supply time.
- Iron company, with its three branches, is unique in establishing supply and welding centers for bandsaws with the best German machines to meet the needs of customers for all sizes and types of weapons required in record time while ensuring the quality of welding. The company performs free re-welding for the customer.
- Technical Support Services:
We have engineers specializing in the maintenance of saws and also to determine the type of tooth and weapon required to reach the longest possible time to operate the weapon.

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