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Linex Misr For Protective Coating

7 El Merryland Building Gesr El Suez St., Heliopolis, Cairo



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The world's leading producer of protective spray coatings. Agents of the best all-purpose American insulation and protection range. 100% guaranteed insulation for all types of surfaces, including swimming pools, lakes, water tanks, concrete and metal buildings. Characterized by strength and rigidity. it dries in a few seconds after application. Adheres to all metal, concrete and wooden surfaces and withstands high pressure, pulling, friction, and impact.

Business Description

- The most powerful name with an American industry (strength and hardness - insulation and protection) . 
- The exclusive agent for American Linex materials with more than 20 years of experience in providing insulation and protection services, being the first polymeric material discovered in 1993 as the first material in the world that dries in 5 seconds.
- It adheres to all types of different surfaces, forming a strong insulating lining with natural and chemical specifications that are safe and environmentally high quality.
- They are valid for all purposes, as it consists of special formulations of polyurethane materials and 100% pure polyurea.
Characteristics of Linex material (XS-350):- 
- Super strength and toughness.
- Very flexible.  
- An insulation and splash protection by spraying machines.
- Dries in 5 seconds, allowing the thickness to increase.
- Impermeable to water or liquids and sticks firmly to all different metal, concrete, wood, etc. surfaces 
- Withstands high pressure, pulling, friction and knocking according to the technical specifications of the product (MTC)). 
- Withstand temperatures from (-40° C to +175° C) .
- Valid for many applications and does not interact with:
- (Drinking water, industrial and sewage, petroleum materials, chemicals, sea water, etc.)
- Approved in America, Canada and NATO countries in general for resistance from fragments of concrete structures when exposed to explosive charges or indirect munitions.
- Polymer "Linex" technology is guaranteed up to - 50 years.

Company’s previous work:-
- Pipelines and oil tanks of the General Petroleum Corporation and various petrochemical companies.
- Projects of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Military Production. 
- Drinking water and sewage stations, tanks and networks.
- Means of transport, communications and railways.
- Major contracting companies and the protection of public and private facilities, buildings, factories....etc -
- Natural and artificial water lakes, swimming pools, canals...etc.

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