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Plot 37,38, 4th Industrial Zone, Sadat city, El monofeya Beside Ezz Steel Factory


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Misr Plast holds the international quality certificate ISO 9001/2018. The company was established in 1975 under the chairman of the board of directors and the owner of the company (Hussein Abu Youssef). More than 48 years in the field of plastics. Specialized in producing plastic pallets of different sizes, rak , mineral water bottles and fruit and vegetable boxes and boxes, suitable for all purposes.

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- Who are we:
- Misr Co. For Plastic Products was established in 2015. It is an extension of the mother company, Misr Plast, which was established in 1975 and founded by the accountant / Hussein Mahmoud El-Sayed Youssef, and since then it has become one of the largest institutions in the world of the plastic industry, which was famous in the Egyptian market under its ancient name "Misr Plast". At the beginning of our work in 1975, we started our work in the manufacture of household plastic products, and the production of parts of intermediate goods that are used in paint packaging and other activities. Then the manufacture of plastic boxes of all shapes and sizes for packing vegetables and fruits, export boxes, and special uses for various other purposes, and plastic pallets for export and storage of all sizes, and a holder for mineral water bottles which holds 4 bottles. Our main goal was and still is to constantly improve the quality of our products for the sake of our beloved Egypt and in order to satisfy our customers at the level of the local and external market. We have achieved tremendous progress in the field of this industry at the regional level for Egypt and its neighbors. Through marketing plans prepared by qualified specialists, bearing in mind goals, vision and scientific methodology to achieve these goals, hence the belief in the continuous development and improvement of our company’s products using the latest scientific and manufacturing methods, through highly qualified engineers, technicians and supervisors in order to always enjoy the satisfaction of our customers and contribute In the development of the Egyptian industry by raising the slogan Made in Egypt.

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