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Nile Industries For Fiberglass

, Inside Daimond Mall, Office 40, 7th District, 6th of october, Giza



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We have been in the market since 2001 through many projects across the country. We are distinguished by innovative manufacturing methods and qualified personnel to provide personalized and reliable support from planning to achieving clients' projects. Nile constantly provides high quality products and services in different colors and lengths such as grating,checker plate, stairs, handrails, tanks, and various sectors

Business Description

- In the last decade, sustainability has become a goal pursued by all customers and the importance of an environmentally friendly and sustainable product has become a necessity rather than an option. The Nile Company’s fiberglass product is distinguished by its dealing with all the negative aspects of iron and represents a suitable alternative as it withstands chemicals, fumes and all weather conditions and does not require maintenance, and it is 70% lighter than iron. Our goal is to become the preferred manufacturer for our customers by providing integrated services from manufacturing, supplying, installing and maintaining a high quality product.
- Our products:-
- Grating: characterized by ease of cutting and installation, slip resistance, fire resistance, not subject to theft as they are not re-manufactured again. The Grating are available in different sizes, heights, loads and installation methods to suit the project conditions and customer demand.
- Checker plate: , In addition the same features as the Grating, checker plates are distinguished by the surface shapes,  where we have the typical shape of checker and the sandy surface according to the customer's desire and project conditions. It bears different loads to be able to compete with its iron checker plate.
- Stairs:
- We are distinguished by the shapes of square and cylindrical sectors of different colors and sizes. It can bear 750 kilograms per step, and it is possible to add protection for stairs with different models. Stairs resist fumes, chemicals, and weather conditions.
- Handrail:
- The most important thing in a handrail is safety and sustainability due to its frequent exposure to the sun and weather factors that may contribute to its erosion. The handrail manufactured in the Nile Company represents an excellent application of fiberglass, as it will not be affected by weather factors and provides safety in terms of resistance to the loads resulting from the working conditions. We produce handrails with cylindrical, rectangular sections and we are distinguished by two installation methods according to site conditions.
- Tanks:
- Fiberglass tanks are the best and only alternative solution to avoid problems of rust, leakage and corrosion. They also help prevent bacteria from forming. We manufacture chemical tanks that do not react with chemicals even at the highest temperature concentrations. We manufacture tanks up to 8 bar.

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