Plot 92 & 93, CPC Industrial Complex, 6th of october, Giza 3rd Gate


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An industrial and educational service facility working in managing and operating industrial facilities through training and qualifying human cadres to work in various productive activities, combining the services of investors and industrial investment in particular through a complex that includes 11 sectors with 60 departments which trains, qualifies and simulates human cadres to the nature and needs of the work environment.

Business Description

- Omal Misr is a service, industrial and educational entity that was established in 2010 by a young man who dreamed of a better future for his country in industry. He thought and planned to establish an entity that would be the first and only gateway in the Middle East to enter the industry market, both from the direction of entering into investment in industry for investors and businessmen, or the direction of searching for a job within the industrial market for his countrymen. Omal Misr Complex was established from the first step with the aim and strategy of serving the industrial investor who seeks to enter the labor market and then serve the youth looking for job opportunities and provide them within the industrial environment, each according to his qualifications and specialization. Hence, Omal Misr achieved the difficult equation in the industrial process, which is entering into investment, encouraging investors to take this step and opening job opportunities for young people.
- Omal Misr is among the industrial economic entities based on their experiences over 11 years working in industrial areas in all different industries. The complex owned several specialized factories at the beginning of 2019, OMC factory for the manufacture of uniforms to provide uniforms and serving industry customers in general, then a factory for the manufacture of wooden and plastic pallets and factories for the manufacture of plastic and packaging rolls, and a protection factory for medical supplies. The goal of these factories of Omal Misr is to serve the industrial investor.
- Omal Misr is an educational entity, where training and qualification for the labor market are carried out through the sector of training and vocational qualification of human cadres through Omal Misr Secondary Industrial School and the Vocational Training Center in the complex.
- Work sectors within Omal Misr Complex:
1- Production lines management and operation sector (supplying trained technical workers)
2- Industrial investment sector
3- Industrial products marketing sector
4- Feasibility studies and management consultancy sector
5- Omal Misr Industrial Secondary School Sector
6- Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Center Sector
7- Sector of specialized factories of Omal Misr (uniforms - wooden and plastic pallets - medical supplies)
8- Industrial real estate and contracting sector (factory construction and renovations)
9- Import and export sector
10- Factories and companies development sector

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