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PileTech Misr Foundation Drilling & construction - S.A.E

8 Mohamed Wagih Ahmed St., Wabour el mayah, Alexandria In Front Of Wabour EL Mayah Elementary School

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Established in 2009 based on a team of experienced staff, working in cooperation with major construction consulting offices, Member of the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors (4th category). The company works in implementation of deep mechanical foundations "Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) type & shoring walls tangent and secant piles using the necessary equipment and Pile Integrity Test (PIT).

Business Description

- The company is directed by an integrated team of experienced engineers in the field of deep foundation in addition to a qualified team of mechanical engineers who backup the equipment and company operations. The company works in the implementation of deep foundation and geotechnical engineering solutions studies using the following types:
- Bored piles using the bentonite slurry and water in retaining the pile side walls of diameters that vary from 60 – 150 cm. and depth up to 42 m. - Contentious Flight Auger piles (CFA) diameters from 30 – 90 cm.
- Retaining walls of tangent and intersected piles used in basements construction. Dewatering and water table level reduction operations. 5. Implementation of pile caps and basements up to the ground floor level.
-The company uses the main piling equipment and the auxiliary equipment in a firm program for quality control assurance and monitoring.
-Jean Lutz monitoring system is used on our piling rigs to record the pile depth, the pile cross-section integrity all along the pile length, pile verticality, and concrete flow rate is monitored as well during the pile execution where all the data is shown on the monitor in front of the rig operator.
-Data is then transferred to the technical office computers for reporting after pile execution. PIT tests are performed to guarantee the pile cross-section integrity. Static load tests are performed to emphasize the soil and pile load-bearing capacity. 

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