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One of the strongest companies specialized in drainage systems. We offer the following products with the best quality ever (stainless shower drain - bathroom drain size 10 * 10 - 15 * 15 - 20 * 20 - foldable shower chair - stainless steel bathroom decorative corners - manhole covers). The company also gives a 10-year guarantee on all products.

Business Description

- Pura was established in 2017, as one of the best companies in bathroom drainage systems, through our vision and interest in applying the highest quality standards
- Within two years, we were spread and present in all governorates through the most important and strongest agents and in more than 60 exhibitions.
- Due to the strength of our products, we have succeeded in competing with European products, being present in other countries.
- We are committed to providing after-sales service through technical support to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
- Our products are of the highest quality standards and undergo extensive testing. We offer a ten-year warranty for all of our products, which guarantees maintaining the quality of our products for years .And since innovation and development is our goal, we constantly translate every challenge into a remarkably creative and practical solution
- Our products:
- Shower drain
- The shower drain from Pura gives you a lot of solutions so that you can get an elegant look for your bathroom as you want, as you can choose from a wide range of designs
- Steel shower cover
- Hollow ceramic cover
- Glass shower cover
- Pura shower drain system
- Bathroom floor drain
- Floor drain is made of PVC
- The plastic body is flexible in controlling the appropriate length for the bathroom floor
- All covers are made of stainless steel
- All covers bear weight up to 300 kg
- There are many unique designs that allow you to choose the appropriate shape for your bathroom
- Steel model
- Tileable cover
- Glass drain cover
- Bathroom floor coverings
- Stainless steel bathroom drain with bent edges and a fixed cover, available in golden and silver colors
- Shower chair
- Folding wooden shower seat
- Stainless decorative corners
- Stainless decorative corners for edges, spacers, letters T, L, U and a quarter circle
- Examination door covers or manholes
- Bathroom accessories

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