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36 El Aziz St., El mansoura, El dakahleya Behind Central Security Camp

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Specialized in the formation of all types of metal sheet and the works of operating and manufacturing tin cans, rings and metal chassis And all the feeding industries that depend mainly on metal sheet and coating them with electrostatic paints.

Business Description

- Our Capabilities And Goals:
- With our ability to innovate and think pragmatically in solving any problems related to iron sheet formation that may hinder our client from manufacturing his product perfectly.
- Targeting a large number of manufacturers, business owners and importers in all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt, whose products depend on the presence of iron sheet in all its forms.
- Using the latest methods and machines, including scissors, folders, ribbing lines, presses, deduction, and electrostatic painting ovens, which a group of the most skilled engineers, technicians and workers work on.
- In this way, we aim to reach the top of the iron sheet forming and coating industry, working to gain the confidence of manufacturers and importers in the local product instead of the imported product to become a complement to all industries in Egypt.
- We offer our client:
- The ability to professionally manufacture and shape any type of iron sheet in order to meet our client's required needs with high quality equal to the quality of the imported product, and even superior in terms of quality and at very competitive prices.
- Solve any problems that hinder the manufacturer and importer from completing the exit of his product in perfect shape, with innovative and unconventional ideas and implementing them at the lowest costs.
- We offer importers an ideal solution to import problems, as we can carry out any business in small, medium or large quantities upon request.
- In doing so, we help save time and expenses on importing and high-cost shipping.
- Therefore, we invite manufacturers and importers to cooperate with us to be partners in promoting the Egyptian industry, competing with the imported product and breaking firmly into the Egyptian market depending on Egypt's human resources and minds.

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