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Extermination and control of all kinds of insects in Egypt using the latest scientific methods. Specializing in odourless extermination of all insects, without leaving your home. Our pesticides are safe and offered at the best prices. Guaranteed safety for the elderly and those with allergies. Corporate and domestic pest control. All our operations are carried out by agricultural engineers and technicians specialized in pest control.

Business Description

- Company's services:
- Best control
- Rodent control (mice and rats)
- Crawling insect control
- Flies and mosquitoes control
- Ants control
- Stray animals control
- Fumigation
- Selling pesticides
- Fumigation is the use of internationally approved types of gases to control the pests of stored materials and to disinfect silos, ships, soil and wood. Some insects are difficult to reach and cannot be controlled by traditional methods. This process was developed to eliminate these pests without damaging the fumigated materials. It exposes the objects to a specific gas for a certain period of time under complete control so that the gas does not leak out. It is a technical and complex process that requires a long experience. With our experience, we can reach this process to the stage of complete safety and purify the objects by 100%.
- Control methods:
1- Shoulder-mounted sprayers, thermal fog machine, cold fog machine, traps, ULV device, syringes and powder dispersing devices.
2- Chemicals are public health pesticides from the and largest companies in the world. 
- finest by:
- The pesticides used are registered under the Public Health Pesticides (P.H.) of the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).
- Authorized to be used in accordance with the Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization.
- Safe for humans and animals and the degree of toxicity is light.
- It is important before spraying to study the places in terms of the type of insects and the quality of the place so that we can choose the appropriate pesticide.
- We take into account that the characteristics of the pesticides used are as follows:
- Highly toxic to target insects, killing them by contact.
- Stay long on surfaces.
- The smell is acceptable.
- Safe for humans and domestic animals.
- Stable during transportation and storage and mixes well with water.
- Insects are not immune to it.

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