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2 El Sherka El Alameya Towers (Aziz Micheal Towers), Floor 2, Central Spine, 6th of october, Giza Beside El Hosary Mosque - Office No. 3



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Reitaj started in 1999 with engineering consultancy and it was entrusted with many projects that testify to the company’s success. The company expanded to include contracting, design and decoration and then it expanded in 2010 to engineering production and manufacturing and producing solid cement bricks, hollow and clay bricks, fine and rough interlock, hardstone, curbs and tiles.

Business Description

- The company expanded in 2003 to include contracting becoming the executive supporter of the company’s designs. Then evolved to include decoration design to become the technical support for the field of finishes. In 2010, the company expanded for engineering production and manufacturing, and the production of cement and clay bricks, interlocks, hardstones, curbs and tiles.
- Our vision is based on being a building block in reconstructing part of the earth, as it is a divine goal, while depending on the work team and success partners, constantly developing our performance, the development of our client's vision, and expanding the horizon of our cooperation. We tell our customers to expand their capabilities and our mission is to reconstruct the earth.
- Factory Activities:
1- Solid concrete bricks.
2- Hollow concrete bricks.
3- Semi-automatic concrete bricks.
4- Hard stone, curbstones and tiles.
5- Interlock and curbs.
6- Implementation of landscaping, fountains and swimming pools.

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