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Offering a wide range of high-quality plastic pallets of different designs and sizes. Injection and compressed pallets are available. RIPL Pallet is unique in the rental service of plastic pallets, in addition to the possibility of making a request for rent or replacement online. Just tell us what you need and when, and we can deliver it to your company’s door.

Business Description

- RIPL PALLET is active in the field of RTP solutions, the company is fully committed to the development and production of innovative and smart RTP (Returnable Transport Packaging) solutions for various sectors including Food & Beverage, Dairy, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Agriculture to name a few.
Compression Pallets
- Our selection of compression pallets are ideal for rigid industrial applications due to its heavy build structure that can withstand enormous loads. Replaceable skids also make it a desired product with the possibility of fixing and re-issuing.
Injection Pallets
- Injection molding is one of the most popular processes of shaping plastics to a desired pallet shape and size. It is suitable for large scale production, especially where the same design of plastic pallet should be molded several times.
- Most plastic crates are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Polyethylene offers good strength against impact (preventing breakage) and provides a high level of protection against degradation by ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. There are three typical designs for RPCs, and all three provide for ease of handling and protection of the produce. The first type is stackable, but not “nestable”, so empty crates take up the same amount of space as full crates. This type of design may increase the costs of returning empty crates, and so is used mostly for storage in systems where the RPCs remain within one facility and are reused each season. The second type is made to be nestable when empty, and the third type is designed to be collapsible when empty. Both of these designs will help reduce the transport costs associated with empty RPC returns.
Targeting Market Sector
- Food and Beverage
- Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical
- Retail, Packaging and Distribution
- Agriculture & more ….

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